New South

Kate Campbell

Friday morning
I was down
At the Starbucks
Sippin' on a latte
With the fat left out
I had a bagel
And a sudden revelation
I'm finally living
In the new south

They make Mercedes
Down in Vance, Alabama
And Tennessee
Is cranking Nissans out
I read about it
In my Wall Street Journal
We're all living
In the new south

They’ll valet park you
At the Galleria
They'll hang your coat up
For you at the door
They'll take your check
Your MasterCard or Visa
They love our money
At those Yankee stores

It's getting hard to find
Good grits and gravy
I know you know
What I'm talking about
Well that's the price
You have to pay
For progress
And to be living
In the new south

We pulled ourselves up
Out of Old Man River
And cut away
All the kudzu vines
It took a while
But I think we made it
We can finally put
These blues behind

We traded in our boots
For Italian loafers
And Bichon Frises
Are our new hounds
Thanks to Disney World
And Coca-Cola
We're finally living
In the new south

Y'all come see us
In the new south

Compositor: Kate Campbell/walt Aldridge

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