New Blues

Kate Campbell

Same ole rain
On my roof tonight
Same ole feeling
Something just
Ain't right
Lord you know
I could use
Some new blues

Same ole troubles
At my door
Same ole misery
Coming back for more
Right about now
I could use
Some new blues

Same ole heartache
Since the day i was born
Same ole notes
From the same ole horn
Same ole tune
Rolling round my head
Will i have to hear it
Til the day i'm dead

Same ole dog
In the same ole pen
Round bout midnight
He'll be howling again
Lord i bet he could use
Some new blues

Lord sometimes
I feel like ole job
With all this suffering
Down here below
And i don't know
If it's fate
Or it's chance
But it just gets
So hard to understand
(Why the)

Same ole mockingbird
Is in the same ole tree
Same ole song
He keeps on singing to me
Don't he know i could use
Some new blues

Compositor: Kate Campbell/walt Aldridge

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