Moonpie Dreams

Kate Campbell

Once every May Day
We stayed at her house
With doilies on tables
And cats on the couch
She played me records
The ones he adored
The music
They danced to
Before the war
And now
Sometimes I see her
And she seems
So lonely
Standing there
In my moonpie dreams

He wagged his tail
When Jim let him in
He came
From the next block
And they were
Best friends
He'd bring the paper
Without a tear
He knew his friend Jim
Would always be there
Now he waits
At the back door
But it's just him only
Sitting there
In my moonpie dreams

Now I look
Out my window
And wish you
Could hold me
You're always there
In my moonpie dreams

Compositor: Kate Campbell/ira Campbell/johnny Pierce

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