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Mississippi And Me

Kate Campbell

Daddy was
A preacher in Sledge
We were living
On Gospel and beans
Every Sunday night
Deacon Jones
Would give
A silver dollar to me
On the way home
My poor momma
Would pry it
From my hand
And say it fell
From heaven

Way down in me
A river runs deep
Reminding me
Just who I am
Good or bad
It'll always be
Mississippi and me
Mississippi and me

Cissy was
A beautician next door
She had
The worst hairdo in town
She always
Smoked Pall Malls
And drank Tabs
And hung out
At the Delta Lounge
But I heard
She finally found herself
She runs the best motel
In West Memphis, Arkansas

Mr. Thomas Lee
Ran the bank
And made a fortune
On catfish farms
Every time
You'd try for a loan
You had to twist his arm
I heard one night in Tupelo
He stepped out of a window
He thought he was Elvis

Compositor: Kate Campbell/ira Campbell/johnny Pierce

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