Fade To Blue

Kate Campbell

Every night
It's the same routine
He has some hurting
He's got to do
Sets up a shrine
To her memory
So he can
Fade to blue

He takes her picture
From its hiding place
tells it he loves her
A time or two
Carefully touches
Her unchanging face
Watches her
Fade to blue

Blue as the flame
In the candle he lights
Bluer than indigo ink
Bluer than beale street
On saturday night
Blue as her eyes
Used to be

Every morning
He wakes up
From the dream
Puts on a mask
No one else
Sees through
Goes through
The motions
Of being free
Drives home to
Fade to blue

Seems like
The right thing to do
Sit down
And fade to blue

Compositor: Kate Campbell/walt Aldridge

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