Kate Campbell

Joseph Lane
Was a bowler
Headed for the PBA
He had a room
Full of trophies
And dreamed
Of the perfect game

One night
At the Bowl-A-Rama
He got eleven strikes
In a row
You could almost hear
A pin drop
When he made
That final roll

Bless my soul
Oh what a crime
The best
He'll ever bowl
Is 299

Now Joe
Was a wiry thin man
He loved
His Lucky Strikes
You could find him
at the snack bar
With a Coke
And greasy fries

One day
He had a heart attack
Fell down
And nearly died
Had to put away
His bowling shoes
But the alley
Is still his life

If you're ever down
At the Bowl-A-Rama
And run
Into a guy named Joe
Get him to tell you
About that perfect game
He almost bowled

And when you
Think about this
You can't help but smile
Cause sometimes
When you miss something
By an inch
It might as well
Have been a mile

Compositor: Kate Campbell/ira Campbell/johnny Pierce

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