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    This Woman's Work
    Ouvir álbum completo This Woman's Work Ano de lançamento: 1999

    1. The Empty Bullring
    2. Ran Tan Waltz
    3. Passing Through Air
    4. December Will Be Magic Again
    5. Warm and Soothing
    6. Lord of the Reedy River
    7. Ne T'En Fui Pas
    8. Un Basier d'Enfant
    9. Under the Ivy
    10. Burning Bridge
    11. My Lagan Love
    12. The Handsome Cabin Boy
    13. Not This Time
    14. Walk Straight Down the Middle
    15. Be Kind to My Mistakes
    1. I'm Still Waiting
    2. Ken
    3. One Last Look Around the House Before We Go...
    4. Wuthering Heights
    5. Experiment IV
    6. Them Heavy People
    7. Don't Push Your Foot on the Heartbreak
    8. James and the Gold Gun
    9. L' Amour Looks Something Like You
    10. Running up That Hill
    11. Cloudbursting [The Organon Mix]
    12. Hounds of Love [Alternative]
    13. The Big Sky [Meteorological Mix]
    14. Experiment IV [12" Mix]
    1. Symphony in Blue
    2. In Search of Peter Pan
    3. Wow
    4. Don't Push Your Foot on the Heartbreak
    5. Oh England My Lionheart
    6. Fullhouse
    7. In the Warm Room
    8. Kashka from Baghdad
    9. Coffee Homeground
    10. Hammer Horror
    1. Sat in Your Lap
    2. There Goes a Tenner
    3. Pull Out the Pin
    4. Suspended in Gaffa
    5. Leave It Open
    6. The Dreaming
    7. Night of the Swallow
    8. All the Love
    9. Houdini
    10. Get Out of My House
    1. Moving
    2. The Saxophone Song
    3. Strange Phenomena
    4. Kite
    5. The Man With the Child in His Eyes
    6. Wuthering Heights
    7. James and the Gold Gun
    8. Feel It
    9. Oh to Be in Love
    10. L' Amour Looks Something Like You
    11. Them Heavy People
    12. Room for the Life
    13. The Kick Inside
    1. The Sensual World
    2. Love and Anger
    3. The Fog
    4. Reaching Out
    5. Heads We're Dancing
    6. Deeper Understanding
    7. Between a Man and a Woman
    8. Never Be Mine
    9. Rocket's Tail
    10. This Woman's Work
    11. Walk Straight Down the Middle
    1. Running up That Hill (A Deal With God)
    2. Hounds of Love
    3. The Big Sky
    4. Mother Stands for Comfort
    5. Cloudbusting
    6. And Dream of Sleep
    7. Under Ice
    8. Waking the Witch
    9. Watching You Without Me
    10. Jig of Life
    11. Hello Earth
    12. The Morning Fog
    1. The Morning Fog
    2. Delius (Song of Summer)
    3. Blow Away (For Bill)
    4. All We Ever Look For
    5. Egypt
    6. The Wedding List
    7. Violin
    8. The Infant Kiss
    9. Night Scented Stock
    10. Army Dreamers
    11. Breathing

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    "Burning Bridge"

    B-side de Cloudbisting - 1985

    Come close to me.
    Come cross the bridge.
    I need to know what you have to say to me.
    (We've been waiting all night long.)
    What have you got to say to me?
    (We've been waiting all night long.)
    Tell me all about it.
    (We've been waiting.)
    Tell me please.
    (We've been waiting.)
    Oh, I know.

    I know it works for me.
    As we cross the bridge--the burning bridge--
    With flames behind us,
    We front the line.
    It's you and me, baby, against the world.
    (We've been waiting.)
    I've got to know what you have to say.
    (We've been waiting.)
    What have you got to say?

    (We've been waiting.)
    (We've been waiting.)
    Tell me all about it,
    (We've been...)
    All night long,
    (We've been...)
    All night long.
    (We've been...)

    It works for me.
    It's you and me, babe, against the world.
    All night long
    It works for me.
    Let's cross the bridge.
    Oh, I know,
    (We've been waiting.)
    I know, I know.
    (We've been...)
    It's you and me, babe.
    When you stand next to me, babe, it's all right.
    It's you and me, babe, against the world.

    By dave

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