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The World Is a Dying Insect


Everyone's alive but everyone is dead
and everyone's a fucking liar
Everyone is greed, spreading the disease
living in a world of hypocrisy

We suffer pain, we live the lie but no one says the truth is alive
In our souls we thrive, in our minds we died

Paradise of Parasites

Spill the blood from corners of the earth
Dethroned kingdoms to fall for eternity
I felt them cry, Insects of a dying world
Repent your souls, awaken the sun

Rise from the sands of the fallen
Bleed for them, bleed for humanity
Dragged in the corridors of sorrow
The world is a dying insect... the world is a dying insect
Cut the chord of Insanity

Beneath the shadows
Beneath the heavens
Beneath the world you left behind
I will descend
I will survive
I will be there till the end of times
Feel me alive

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