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Makes Me Wonder

Karl Wolf

If You were truly mine
What our lives would be like- Makes me Wonder
Don't you wonder

[Verse 1:]
Girl I gotta let you know what's goin' on in my head
Cause now I'm a different man with the life I lead instead
It's you, who turned my life around
It's you, who picked me up when I was down
I never thought I'd fall in love till you made me understand
Fate took me by the hand and gave me a second chance
To show how good life could be to know
Forever you and me.

I'm Movin' on and I'm never looking back
Girl I'm Never loosing track
Girl I'm never loosing track
You can't be straight and I'm so grateful from that
Girl I'm so grateful from that, you know.

If You were truly mine girl,
Makes me Wonder.
Would you stick by my side girl?
Makes me Wonder.
What our lives would be like,
Makes me wonder.
If you were truly mine
Don't't You Wonder.

[Verse 2:]
She takes over my life everytime I'm around her
What I feel in her vicinity, make me wonder
If you'd be there from the start
Girl we'll never be apart
Feel like you have struck my heart



[Verse: rap]
Truly a picture to behold, my mona lisa
Love at first sight turned me into a believer
Got them miles reserve just for them angels
God must've made an exception when he made you
Hair impeccable, nails immaculate
With no hair brush, picture perfect and accurate
You should get to know me and we can take it slow
Instead of me dreamin' wonderin' how things can go
We can do wateva, dinner after the show
Talkin' cell phones all day when I'm out on the road
Walks on the beach, live out sweetly shades
Convincing the real thing, damn what a shame
Will I have to keep dreamin' or will anything change
Maybe I'll get the courage jus to ask for your name
Clearing my skies from the rainclouds and the thunder
But for now all a borther can do is wonder.



Ooooh... makes me wonder... makes me wonder... makes me wonder... Don't you wonder [fades]
i'm mooving on and i never looking back,girl i never loosing track,girl i never loosing track
you can be stripping and i'm .............you know

if you are really mine(girl) makes me wonder would you speak by my self(girl) makes me wonder

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