Kanye West

The Glory

Kanye West


My soul
I wanna take you to the glory
Goal in my mind I can't study war no more
I can't study war no more
Now where the south side?
Now where the west side? Yeah

Can I talk my shit again?
Even if I don't hit again
Dawg, are you fucking kidding?

My hat, my shoes, my coat, Louis Vuitton stitch
With Donnatella Versace that's Louis Vuitton, bitch
I think, Hennessey, I drink, I'm gone
Off that Bacardi limon or Corona I'm zoning
Class back in session so I upped it a grade
In two years Dwayne Wayne became Dwayne Wade and 'ay
Please don't start me
I'm like Gnarls Barkley meets Charles Barkley
I'm pot to barkers
From hood to parkers
While y'all was in limbo I raised the bar up

I touched on everything
Married to the game Roc-a chain still the wedding ring
Y'all bridesmaids catch the garter
On nights when 'Ye romance cameras flash so much
That I gotta do that Yayo dance
I'm on award tour with Common, my man
After each and every show a couple dykes in the van
It's easy, the hood love to listen to Jeezy and Weezy and, oh yeah, Yeezy

I did it for the glory
The glory
I did it for the glory
The glory

What I'm supposed to do now man, the game all messed up
How I'm supposed to stand out when everybody get dressed up?
So yeah, at the Grammys I went ultra Travolta
Yeah, that tuxedo mighta been a little Guido
But with my ego I could stand there in a speedo
And be looked at like a fucking hero

The glory, the story, the chain, the polo, the night, the grind, the empty bottles of no doze
Tank on empty whippin my moma Volvo
I spent that gas money on clothes with logos
The furrest-ur man, shit that you don't floss
The goal yard so hard man I'm Hugo's boss
Why I gotta ask what that two door cost?
House in the Hills two doors from Tracee Ross
And I'm asking about her girlfriends, yeah the dark skinned ones
She asking about the speedboat assignment we rentin' 'em
When you meet me in person, what do you feel like?
I know, I know, I look better in real life

I hear people compare themselves to Big a lot
You know, Big and Pac, you know to get it hot
I guess after I live I wanna be compared to Big
Any one Big Pun, Big L or Notorious
Till then, get money and stunt and stay glorious
And I'ma stop killing these niggas soon as the chorus hit
Yeah, I'ma stop killing these niggas soon as the chorus hit

These haters be killing they self they wanna come and get the glory

Now where the south side?
Now where the westside?

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