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Luv u Better Freestyle

Kanye West

[intro] [kanye west talking]
Yo it's your boy, super pro-huhum,
I mean super rapper kanye west
I want to shout out all my heavy hitters. yo, g & hop what up?

Was it because of the roc
That she wanna rock with west?
Because after the blueprint I got lots of checks
She don't play x-box but got a box of x
That make her tongue move faster than das efx
Uh, white benz, dyke twins
I ain't gon' lie they only fives but together they tens
And would I do them again?
Hummm, it's like old folks pissin' cause it all depends
And there's no coke sniffin', just juice and gin
Grey goose will get you loose then hit the nigga producin'
The track that got you movin'
I never hit a lady but my game might abuse them
Buyin' boots just to tell 'em that I jimmy choo/choose 'em
And take 'em back to confuse 'em
See she don't know if she's comin' or goin'
Cause mommy after I'm cummin' I'm goin'
Back to the show
Just frontin' and flowin'
Jewelry stuntin' and glowin'
It's like somethin' outta nowhere
Yeah, and I've been known to have a ho or two
Cause my diamond's yellow like a smoker tooth
I tell 'em, "step into the vocal booth"
Roll a joint, smoke a few
After that I'm pokin' you
After that it's over boo
Baby grab your coat and peeeeuuuun
She said, "I love you k."
"I know you do. if I was you I'd love me too."
Not used to what I got to offer
Please get up off me baby, you can't boss me
I wish I would let her dictate
All she can tell me is how the dick taste
How she gonna tell k about l.a.?
When I got three hoes that stay in marina del ray
Well paid, they don't park it, just valet
Waist small like the motorola cingular cell-y
Voice high like mich'elle
I step back like, "hi save draft
You ever ran for miss l.a.?"
Cause you holdin' down the city officia-lly
Next time you fuckin' your man, just yell, "k"

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