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Eyes Closed

Kanye West

Regravação de Snoop Dogg

And I can see it with my eyes closed, now
Feeling like my life froze
I'm about to hit the ground

[Verse 1]
I sold my soul to the devil: that's a crappy deal
Least it came with a few toys like a Happy Meal
This game you could never win
Cause they love you then they hate you then they love you again
Get away from me misery
Get away from me lonliness
Get away from me fake bitches, I can't take the phoniness
Get away from me wack tracks
I can only make only hits
I'm an only child lost in the World
Where do the lonely kids go when the bell ring?
It's feeling like Hell rings
Bringing me back down
Checking my background
Its ironic whats happening
Imagine if I didn't have the ends
I would'nt have so many imaginary friends
I'm spaced out Dogg, I be on that moon talk
Wonder if God ask Mike how to moonwalk
I swear to momma wish me and my father talk more
I stopped visiting around the time I was a sophmore
I guess everything I hate about me I see in him
And we ain't finna change, so we'll never agree again
Till then I'll be pouring out my soul
Just a few things I see with my eyes closed

And I can see it with my eyes closed, now
Feeling like my life froze
I'm about to hit the ground

[Verse 2]
I sold my soul to the devil
I know its a crappy deal
At least it came with a few toys
Like a Happy Meal
I'm spaced out dog
I be on that moontalk
I wonder if God asked Mike how to Moonwalk?
You know the entertainment Angels
Adriana for Giselle
Let's exchange Angels
Photoshoot at my crib
Lets exchange angles
Rockin nothin but them Tom Binns bangles
My heart so anxious, gettin' anxiety
Begging one of these fuckin fashion houses to hire me
They say I've been an asshole
I said if you acquire me
I can be a quiet me, call it verbal dieting
Give me your herbal chai tea
I'll be calm as Tai Chi
With a bad white bitch like Ice-T
I'm not right dog, I'm slightly off
I'm paranoid; like bonin' raw dog
And wakin up with a slight cough
Yea, that'll make ya dick quite soft
Plus my neck hurt too lemme take all this ice off
Never meant to hurt you, I should've had nights off
But it cost too much to live and I never took the price off


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