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Big Boy's Neighborhood

Kanye West

[Verse 1]
I guess I get mad when you get boxed in
So mad, you wanna start boxin'
So mad, you gonna turn to Tyson
Slicin' and dicin'
Paparazzi, I'm like a Nazi to 'em
I'm not Bill Cosby to 'em
And I ain't Bing Crosby to 'em…
More like… to 'em
Aye yo, I've got to ruin
The image and the style that you're used to doin'
When people usually do music
I am a visionary, Christian soldier, don't confuse it
Before I lose it and have to prove it
This the way to prove it, this the way that we gon' do it
Time, we gotta move it to the future
Karma Sutra, any way that suit ya
Don't shoot… stop the violence, and it's been stopped
We stopped the violence in the hip-hop
We stopped the hatin' and the degradation
We 'bout to build like One Nation
Got off the phone with Benjamin Carson
Uh, that's the next president, arson
Burn it down, burn Hollwood, burn, like Ice Cube said
I'm the rudest…
A lot of people say that, 'cause they say "'Ye, don't play that"
They be off that Grey Goose, I be off that 'Ye Juice
That's the way I stay loose
Confidence and esteem, American dream
My crib's spatial…
And my relationship is interracial

[Verse 2]
I don't know where to start…
I don't know where to start
Maybe the chart, maybe the heart
Maybe the flow… maybe the gold…
Where I was grown, what I grew up in
Well, you see, my mama divorced my daddy
And moved my family when I was 3
And in the cold…
Straight from Chicago where I go
And everybody know…
From my homie Don C, I be air
Aye, yo - like IBM
Or Apple, Steve Jobs of this
Yeah, I'm on my job with this
Aye, yo, it's very, very simple
You heard me on Jimmy Kimmel
I can do it every tempo
I'll use my temple
I wanna build a temple
I wanna build churches
That could be as big as The Adam's Family's, where Lurch is
Aye, yo, this is not a circus
The zoo is closed, motherfuckers
Aye, yo…
It ain't no cursin' in the verse which you know is not perfect
And now you know it's still worth it
I might short-circuit, I might just black out
Hit you with that "BLOCKA! "
You know I'm the blocka…
Number One Chief Rocker, Number One Chief Rocker
Ain't nobody gon' stop him, ain't nobody gon' stop us
Because... God on my side
That's the way I ride
Jesus Christ…
Yeezus nice!

[Verse 3]
One time I had lost my faith
But I had to stay faithful and grateful
For the God I was given
The way that I was livin' or the life that I've been livin'
It didn't make a difference
See, when I was 30, I had 6 parents
Grandmother, grandfather, grandmother, grandfather
Mother, father, now I've only got one parent
Life could change in a blink, and that is apparent
But still you've got to stay strong
I don't know what everybody else is on
Sometimes I don't listen to music, I just need to zone out
Sometimes I don't listen to music, everybody clones now
And I doubt they even listen, and I ain't tryna diss 'em
But sometimes I be in music and feel like it's a prison
And everybody say bein' a rockstar is everything
But see, I wanna do everything
And I know I could do everything
And be anything that I wanna be
So simply, if you wanna be like Mike, I wanna be like Christ
You know what I'm saying?
Okay, this beat just threw me off…
Took it extra old-school
This ain't no freestyle beat - yo, yo, dude!

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