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    [Wale talking]

    So yeah like
    I'm not really like worried about fucking up or you know what
    I'm sayin'
    The plight of a rapper or whatever
    Or the trials of tribulations
    Cause you know, aside from me strugglin'
    or coming up in one of the most
    Fucked up, hating ass areas in the world
    I played football for twelve years you know
    And anybody who plays sports, you know you got politics
    And you got all the other bullshit
    So I'mma talk about a little bit of that
    And I'mma stop rappin' and start rappin' now
    So drop the slam and let's get sick

    [Verse 1: Wale]

    Halfback toss to right
    Yeah the coach used to say I was awesome, right
    O.D. was in the weight room all his life
    But I was more self concerned with the broads in life

    Im always on the yard like farmers
    Never in class
    Dorm room hoppin' if workouts optional
    Im not rockin'

    I can run an option best in my conference
    Look at my accomplishments, I'm all county
    You double A niggas should be lucky y'all signed me
    Lucky y'all found me, lucky y'all stole me

    I could be with Bowden, I could be with Friedgen
    Two a day curfews, where's my Freedom?
    School ain't even start yet, there ain't not freaks here
    Might as well prepare

    Season opener, finna be there
    When the depth chart came, there was no me there
    I mean me is there, but it's like three there
    Which made me have to wait like leap year

    Cause I ain't really lift weights, I didn't need them
    I run a 4.4, so they won't catch me there
    Knocking on my coach door like a missionary
    Playbook like a Oxford dictionary

    Attitude that was not really felling
    And he put me on ice, I was oxen literally
    I keep talking, I keep talking
    My scholarship won't straight like Rodman

    So Im walking
    Fuck it, Im leaving
    Vsu next season

    [Hook: Kanye West]

    I need you right now
    I need you right now
    You know how long I've been on ya
    Since Prince was on Apollonia
    Since O.J. had Isotoners
    Don't act like I never told ya

    [Verse 2: Wale]

    They say, Trojans never break but it ain't that
    For God sake, you can call coach Faison
    I've seen dreams turn dust, cause he made them
    Cause he played them, when he ain't played them

    I've seen niggas loose cool, niggas leave school
    And back to the block with nothing better to do
    Vsu don't regret you
    Just regret the fact that I left too soon

    I got kicked off, I used to shit talk
    Excuse my complaint, but I got to get it off
    Hey Mr. coach, I don't like you
    You don't me, that don't mean I gotta move

    You see the way I move, I am in another gear
    You can ask Los, I was like a young Gayle
    My coach ain't care, so I ain't care
    He ain't even respect the name, he said Whale

    So I said yeah, and he was like yeah
    You fumbled in a drill, young man get on the hill
    So Im like fuck it, Im out get on your head
    Such Karma, next year they 4-6

    A few niggas stay, a lot of niggas quit
    And now I only listen to this hip-hop shit
    A few niggas stay, a lot of niggas quit
    Man fuck this shit


    [Verse 3: Wale]

    I go, in when I start putting words out
    Words sharp like a Jerry Rice curl route
    Im moonshine, y'all merlot
    I got on, and I gotta thank Marlon

    Thank Kenny Burns, though we not talking
    But my squad like the 72' Dolphins
    Climate Shula, my flow Csonka
    Im so Bonkas, Im not conscious

    They are not confident when Im talking
    Make them more insecure when they caught one
    He tried tossing to Andre Johnson
    Now Im getting compliments on how charming I am

    And Im way out London, way out conscious
    Y'all never seen
    Exclusives, y'all never seen
    They wait on my return, I am Az-Zahir Hakim

    Write it in my leisure, I rather go shopping
    Gucci & Nike, that's what I call an option
    Um Tom Frazier, new Lebron haters
    Got you niggas all over my bars just like Frasier

    I've become immune to you no name haters
    They can not pause like right one sega
    I get inspired about your make up
    You no good like a stripper with a "A" cup

    Young Arrington, coming for you Aikman
    Aye Jay, 8 grand skins gonna take that
    Aye Bo, 10 stacks on the Patriots
    Aye Rich, another 5 on the G Men

    Another 5, Eli won't even be there
    No Strahan, y'all need to rebuild
    Back to you homo spittin so, so
    You can't kick it like Romo hold for ya

    No more for the broke I am more so
    A first rounder, y'all don't want a Russell
    I must go like fly route
    My tires align with the play, but the times out

    Yeah hail Mary full of grace
    I swear these off rhyme bums are full of hate
    Young Peyton don't huddle, still run my play
    Still run that break, still get my ring, still run my shit

    And it ain't no thing, you in Dungy's dungeon
    So get that straight, yeah get that straight
    Ain't nothing to Peyton
    I am Marvin with mind, but I listen to Wayne

    And I listen to 'Ye
    Still listen to Big
    And I listen to Jay
    They are the coaches in this

    And I listen to thought
    And I listen to Common
    We have nothing in Common
    The shit that I spit is more

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