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    See tahay (in somali meaning what's up)
    Now calling all revolutionary youths
    Dam Marley alongside K'naan
    Gunpowder philosopher what some boy feel like

    I made the list this year
    I'm on a roll, you ain't no East African rock 'n roll
    You don't know what time it is like your clock is old
    You know ya'll packin' like the block is sold

    How could it be from the deepest darkest of zero
    To become king of New York like De Niro
    And he ain't even from New York that's what's weird yo
    But where he's from they just ratatatatatata

    So come now don't you try to play the hero
    Around here we've got pirates with torpedo
    Alongside all the warlords and beardos
    The only city n----'s blacker than tuxedos

    Baby girl let me get all up in your earlobe
    And if you shut me down you can kill my ego
    Which is my enemy makes you my amigo
    So either way you and I are button and needle

    And they say I might become big as a Beatle
    But I don't let it get to my head or feet yo
    And I got more street cred than legal
    But just in case we keep a big, Des Eagle

    Yeah, I come prepared, I come prepared, I come prepared
    Yeah, I come prepared, I come prepared, I come prepared, always
    Yeah, I come prepared, I come prepared, I come prepared, yeah Zion youths
    Yeah, I come prepared, I come prepared, I come prepared

    What was I on before this flow or sequel
    Somethin' about how I thought I was a Beatle
    I'm trippin' but it was something lethal
    It was fresh but possessed something Medieval

    I came solo I ain't even bring my army
    The type of n----s that are always ruining the party
    You know those socially inadequate Somalis
    Who walk in uninvited in your VIP

    And Africans love them some B.I.G.
    But Tupac is official H.N.I.C.
    And my job is to write just what I see
    So a visual stenographer is what I be

    Superman, superstar give me super-fat dough
    So I can be super-rich and super fat so
    But maybe not super fat but super stacked though
    So I can fix some money shit on super back low

    How many immigrants are this here sedan
    And is anyone carryin' any contraband
    Not really but I'm late for my concert man
    And here's a card for my lawyer Mr. Sam Goldman

    Yeah, I come prepared, I come prepared, I come prepared (4X)

    (Damian Marley)
    So mek a boy know the kalashnikov nuh play type-o
    If him feel him have the balance fi a walk tight rope
    And a gamble with him life like a casino
    And have somebody fi save him like them save Nemo

    Cause the Marleys and Somalis are some mad people
    We a travel with some long strap in a vehicle
    And a screechy cross the border like a Latino
    Moving through the LAX's and London Heathrow
    Wait, man a gangsta we no star freak show
    No gimmicks nor shenanigans a real street flow

    Fi mi women haffi flyer than a Flamingo
    Real bullet we a bust and a no Placebo
    K'Naan have so much gun him open gun depot
    And we take way boy gun just like we a gun repo
    So tell some tosse MC there's no more free throw
    Soon as we finish a clip another clip reload because

    Yeah, I come prepared, I come prepared, I come prepared (6X)

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