No Idea


11 a.m. and a new day begins
A hammer in my head, smell of death in my mouth
Drink the rest of the bottle to the very last drop
Life returns to my body again
Yellow cab, I remember the case
A murder and a blonde, loads of money and me
No solutions, only questions confusing my brain
Take the hand to the bottle and cheers!

So many chicks beside me, when I ride the tube
So much money awaits me, if my numbers appeared

Who's the man behind the mask?
Who put the poison in the flask?
Who you gonna call? A man like me?
No idea, no idea!

Crime scene, but I cross the line
A lake of blood on the floor, a corpse, a gun lies beside
Search for traces, the offender, where's the evidence one?
I'm afraid another unsolved crime

So many people ask for me, to pay my debts in time
So much honor and glory will never happen to me


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