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Of What We Are

Junkyard Dogs

Please can?t you see that the people are starving?
You won?t need to provide any kind of lies
To feed in order the world
Dead Kennedys said it for me

The side of the road that you better complete
May not be the same mine
So use your emotion to decide what to do
And face instead not seeing

Of what we are there?s a way that you are stick of
Well, my farm would be somewhere you?d never belong
Say what you feel, they may couldn?t be a help
But tastes and views make you structure advices

Oh ya

Go, stay on the line for all those that survived
It?s the opposite road I?ve said before
Slow down, the company will reach results for them

Bad to see you, you are lost in the faces
In the crowd, in the city, in the world, universe
And there is nothing I can do but hope it?s better to
what seen


The ska and the beach bless your soul?

Sing expressions ? your sin!
A game started right here!
And we don?t know how to dare?


The ska and the beach bless your soul?

Compositor: RĂ©gis Antunes

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