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Thru In4cers I`s

Jumpin' Jesus

Astralized demons
Tore me out of womb
Slowly I awaken
In my cursed tomb

Wayward son belial
Satisfy my needs
Smooth the way for me
So I will succeed

Smash the curse
Upon the human prey
Shred the flesh
Lost souls will decay

Seas of blood
Drown my weakened enemies
Swept away
Into black obscurity
Take command
Ancient insect from below
Spread your plague
Where the blackened rivers flow - heed my plea
Ruler of the desert storms
Answer me
Twist the bodies yet unborn
The elder forces will reveal
And make sure
The fiery gates remain unsealed

The leader
I've become
And I will reign
Till there are nonne
Final day
It'll be my turn
And with pleasure
I will burn

Victims of my hatred
Face the boiling sky
Thunderbolts of triumph
Hail my kingdom's rise

Army of the abyss
Given human shape
Undermine the holy
Destroy time and space
By mortals they teach
And don't even doubt

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