Dystopian Girl


I can't let go - It's in my head -
It's all the dirty things I'd heard you said.
I'll never know - Who's in your bed -
As this jealous monster rears it's head.

Falling apart - How long it's been -
I try to live my life so free of sin.
I'm letting go - and ever since -
You came into my life I never win.
I can feel it when she falls -
Love's final battleground.

She's heading for the door -
She cries without a sound.
Now! Right!
Inside her, torn silent, falling down, I'm losing ground
Behind her, a blind denier, see it now, it all comes down.

Don't tell me how far to go!
Falling apart - It's all the same -
We're all just victims in this savage game.
So take a bow - There's no blame -
There's nothing here for you outside your fame.
Look inside you, because I can't find you,
Locked away - So far away.

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