Julien Baker


Julien Baker

Little Oblivions

Beat myself till I'm bloody
And I'll give you a ringside seat
You say that it's embarrassing
I'm sorry that you had to see me like that

You can either watch me drown
Or try to save me while I drag it down
Well, I want to fix it but I don't know how
It isn't fair to make you wait around
While all your friends are going out

So Jesus, can you help me now
Trade me in, I'll get a briar crown
Is there anybody coming back for me
If they ever were, they are not now

So what's there left to talk about
Because I'm holding on
Just like a scratch off ticket
I'll dig my nails into your skin

Honey, I'm not stupid
I know no one wins this kind of thing
It's just another way to kill an hour
Wishing I was different
Nobody deserves a second chance
But honey, I keep getting them

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