Julien Baker


Julien Baker

Little Oblivions

Blacked out on a weekday
Still, something that I'm trying to avoid
Start asking for forgiveness in advance
For all the future things I will destroy
That way I can ruin everything
When I do, you don't get to act surprised
When it finally gets to be too much
Always told you you could leave at any time
Until then I'll split the difference
Between medicine and poison
Take what I can get away with
While it burns right through my stomach
I'm telling my own fortune
Something I cannot escape
I can see the way this is going
But I can't find a break

Knocked out on a weekend
Would you hit me this hard if I wasn't born?
See, I don't need you to defend mе
'Cause it's just the sort of thing that I enjoy
Took a solid, draw a [hеartline hard line?]
Will I cross it? It's the certain time
See my own name in the mirror
And nobody appears
Say it's not so cut and dry
Oh, it isn't black and white
What if it's all black, baby?
All the time

Oh, all the time
Oh, all the time
Oh, all the time

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