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A Nightingale's Lullaby

Julie Last

The sun's going down in the deep blue sea
So close your eyes, go to sleep
I will wrap all the milk stars around you
So dream and your dreams will come true

You can ride past the wind as a champion mare
Over the woods, lighter than air
You can fly to the moon as a great white swan
And back you will be before dawn

A nightingale's lullaby bends in the wind
Messing your hair, drinks the tears from your pillow
So sleep now, sweet dreams, my love

I may be older but I am not wise
I'm still a child's grown up disguise
And I never can tell you what you want to know
You will find out as you go

Now the sun's disappeared in the deep blue sea
Eyes are closed, sleep so deep
The milk stars are wrapped all around you
So dream, and your dreams will come true

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