Julia Nunes

Years went by, and we got older
Remember the days when gas was sold
For 1.50 a gallon, oh how things have changed
Like those stylish fads
And the look on your face

When you see me for the first time in years
We swore we'd never end up here

Well I won't leave you alone
If it's gone, I'll move on
It's time to leave while my eyes are still dry,
It's time to leave while my head is held high

Time to bolt, time to bail, time to go
Where to?
Well, I really don't know

I'm going, so long, see you soon
Up, up and away like a rising balloon
I'm just stupid enough to pack up and leave
Taking all that you have trusted and confided in me

Hug me now, 'cause you might lose your chance
I am crouched in my sprinting stance
Time to bolt, time to bail, time to go
'Cause I let you get way too close

I'm just crazy enough to leave you behind
Though you're like nothing I have found or will find


Well, I won't be alone

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