My Baby

Juke Kartel

Everytime you look around me
I can sense your eyes are seeking
What you think my life is dealing
What you think that i am feeling
Picture perfect nothing hurts me
Well i can tell you plastic kills me
You can size me up, you‚ll fall undone
Jealousy comes, then jealousy runs

Hold onto your world
What‚s left to regret about it

My baby
Listens to the rising storm
And tells me
I‚m about to take a fall

Perception seems to lead the blind
So open up for fickle mind
You‚re saying i‚m the chosen one
You think, you think
As you load the the gun
Fighting words, put up a front
You crumble as you slip the tongue

Pre chorus + chorus

I feel it come
But i‚ll take it on x2


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