Juke Kartel

I don't wanna fight
Never wanna leave without the right
To ever wonder why
We could've stopped this time
So you wandered there, notaware
You wondered if we'd ever speak again
Well listen to your head
It'll tell you what to say

I get a burning when I'm next to you
Must be a firesign
And I'm learning how to deal with you
It's you that I must desire

All that matters now
Is that we work our problems out
To rid these looks of doubt
I feel alive when you're around
And you could read my thoughts, see them all
Connected by a silence we can talk
I speak to you some more
Your head will scream all day


The flames down inside you begin to rise
Leave the trouble behind us, everything's alright

I bring you close to me
Now hear this


I get a burning when I'm next to you (x2)

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