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Waiting For Messiah


Waiting For Messiah

We're waiting for the future
Walking together with the past
We trust in many visions or mistakes
Long time ago the men fell
And don't know how to trust again
Today the human being are falling down on abyss

Where is the final call?
With my questions I carry on my way
Sometimes I’m right
Sometimes I’m wrong
I live for my fate

Waiting for, waiting for, messiah
Waiting for, waiting for, messiah

We're waiting for salvation
Some other chances to begin
How many times you're waiting for your chances

Where are the wings of freedom?
When we need to escape from misery
God bless the tears of the human being
Hell is here

It's time to break the wall
And don't wait for the call
It's hard to trust or live
Wake up! Your future is now

Waiting for...

Compositor: Lyrics: Jorge Luciano

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