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My Angel Is Here

The Judds

They say there's a state of heaven somewhere way beyond the clouds
And I know there's a piece of heaven in every little thing that you do
Cause every time you walk in the room
My angel is here my angel is here

Lying saying I ain't lonely crying when no one sees my tears
Dying whenever love's disowned me
Each night I've prayed for help to get through
And when I felt you near me I knew
My angel is here my angel is here

I'm so protected and heaven's so near
When I am under your wing
My wounds are healed and my spirit is clear
So come on angel make my heart sing

[ ac.guitar ]
So when I'm lost and alone who will find me
Who's there whenever I call
Show me the way to the strength that's inside me
Pick me up whenever I fall

You say love is no conditions and each soul is free to come and go
Stay strong I don't need permission cause paradise is waitin' for me
And every time I hear my heart speak
My angel is here my angel is here
My angel is here my angel is here

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