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Kenan Vs. Kel


Celebration hit, shit
You think you know me
(Yeah, throwin' it up, ayy)
I wish I had more fuckin' water
Uh, uh

Man, I really, really wish I was Illuminati
Niggas waitin' on the Peg like I'm droppin' Yandhi
Too black, too strong, I'm a lil' thotty (Yeah)
Fuck a big speech
'Cause when I'm rollin', I'm dressin' up like a prince, P
And if you sendin' in Marius to defend me
You better make sure to break all the Grammys
Kill all the winners, losers, nominees
Off probation, crackers hatin'
Accusations, only on occasions (Yeah)
I don't want relations (Huh) , had somebody phases
Stripped, home invasion, fuck with me, man
Y'all better miss me (Yeah)
'Cause if you rollin', I'm stonin' niggas like rich Keef (For real)
And when I'm whippin' you niggas, it's not slavery (Damn, Peggy)
I'm on a mission to slaughter the competition
And leave you slumpin' and down, bitch, work

Huh, how we gon' make this bullshit work? For real
How we gon' make this work? Facts (Facts, facts)
But like, how can I make a good beat? (For real)
I get nervous when niggas want features (For real)
How I'm gon' make this work?

I don't know this
I don't know this
I don't know this
(How can I make a good beat? For real
How I'm gon'... this work)

Put it up
Yeah buddy, yeah buddy
Put it up
Put it up, yeah
Put it up
Get 'em, ooh
Yeah, uh
Huh, uh

Bitch, I came back with the Jak and Dax off the shelf
Droppin' my target, I'm wishin' you well
I don't think playin' could help (Woo)
These niggas Kenan and Kel, these niggas built like Adele
Niggas tell, niggas smell, I'ma shoot yourself (Brrt)
I don't think plans or poems or nothin' could help

Nada, it's nothin'
Nigga boy, boy
You think you know me

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