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All My Heroes Are Cornballs


One, two
Jpeg, because I like Jpegs (Say, say)
Um, for the resolution of color
You think you know me
The only thing about Jpegs I like
It's yours

Oh nigga, nigga, nigga, I'm stayin' (Yeah, huh)
Aw, nigga, nigga, I'm just playin' (Playin', playin', playin', yeah)
Walk in the crib with the Glock 19 and a dirty cup
Snuck up in Coachella with a bald lil' buddy, I ain't Jaden Smith (No)
Herman, nigga, of course (Of course) , I'm flagrant (Facts)
I can't keep no job, I can't commit
Hate goes into these bars, some niggas ain't built for it
I made rap my job, let's take a risk
You don't wanna get them guns involved (Doo-doo-doo-doo)
'Cause your wifey gon' be callin' the law
Boys (Boys)

Motherfuckers, man
Fuck, fuck
These niggas out here, man
Gnarly, gnarly
Fuck, fuck
Fuck (Fuck)

Uh, damn, guess who had a big year? (Big year)
No whips, no chains, just a few tears
Pop filter, hopin' that you get the stock (Bah)
When I hit the stage, I hope that my enemies watchin'
Damn, I wonder where their drive went (Drive went)
Why these wiggas always showin' up when nigga be poppin'? Bruh
Don't turn yourself into a target (Into a target)
'Cause we can take this shit from beef to somethin' exhaustin'
Glock 43x with the sticky holster (Bah-bah-bah)
Pistol whip 'em, I can't waste the bullet in a poser (Blat)
Incels gettin' close 'cause I crossed over
How they go from Anne Hathaway to Ann Coulter?
All that shootin' in the air, that's for posin' (That's for posin')
Fast break, we jammin' it, nigga, no Flotus
Lames gettin' bolder, straps on his shoulder
They gon' have to get the chat to get sober

You know, everybody wanna say I do this, I do that (Don't play me)
Everyone act like they hard and shit
But just stop, shit
Damn, haha

Let me
Let me get, uh, uh
Let me get a double bacon, a double bacon, double
Nah, not a double bacon, uh, uh
A bacon, a bacon smokehouse meal with no cheese
Yeah, with, with no cheese on that thang, and uh
Is that gonna be a large?
The meal is gon' be large, the meal is
What to drink?
Uh, the meal, uh, is gon' come with a

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