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Nothing's Impossible To Do

Joy Salinas

In this world of hopes and dreams
so hard to see to reach out for somethin'
what you see may seem so real
sometimes you feel you have grabbed on

why do we feel
that it seems so impossible
to touch the sky
why can't we all feel
that it takes only courage
always worth to try

Nothing's impossible to do
I am here try to pass the message
aim high and take the courage
do what it is you have to do
believe in yourself
and in your dreams

and when friends are hard to find
don't fret 'cause someone will surely come
when the world seems so unkind
think that tomorrow the sun will shine

why do we feel
that it takes only luck and fortune
hope it knocks
why can't we just move
to achieve what we want to happen
give a try

Compositor: Joy Salinas/gianni Di Benetto

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