Hands Off

Joy Salinas

I want hands off baby
take your hands off me
I don't need your cuddling
won't you let me be
You've betrayed my lovin'
so just set me free
I deserve another
who would want just me

trust me, give his time
give me all the love I need
wanting even to
give the stars to me
make me smile all the while
wishing that we'll always be
bound together
until our time's thru

just forget about love (3x)
let me be
just forget about us (3x)
You've cheated me

I want hands off baby
your cold hands off me
You could find some other
who wants company
You don't need my carin'
You just kept on playin'
what I need is someone
who could handle my heart

Compositor: Joy Salinas / Gianni Di Benetto

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