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Been So Good

Joy Enriquez

Oh! thank you lord
For givin' the strength that keeps me
I mean it's like I'm worth nothing without you being in me I don't think I would know my name
Cause I remeber back
When I was younger
When I didn't have eyes on you and I was under attack but I thank you for keepin me

(oooh) for your faithfulness let me tell
(oooh) all my days I'll bless you only
(oooh) in everything I do I'll acknowledge you
(oooh) let me be to thy glory

Everyday I wake I will give you praise
I will lift your name cause you've been so good
Everytime I stand I will lift my hands
I will sing and dance cause you've been so good

Now I know you
And I can't stop giving you praise
Cause I gotta live this way
Cause when I go through I know I can depend on you
Cause any dilemma
I come to you and you never cease to just bring me through
That's why I give you my all because you catch me when I fall

My life would be meaninigless without you
You are my everthing
Down to air that im breathin'
Father you know there's a reason
I will let nothing keep me from you

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