You Want It All

Joshua Perahia

Big Man
Twisted politician
Don't laugh
The country's in your hands
Southern man
spending all our money
You start a war in a foreign

You're a big media sensation
Bring a nation to it's knees
'Cause you want it all
and you want our love
But what do you see?

Who is gonna bring us up
whenever you keep us down?
Who's gonna give us hope
when your name comes
We don't know what to
believe when it's coming
from you
We need a light in the dark
to help us through

You want it all
Maybe, everyday
I said you need it all
All our lives are locked away
Give us something good,
to keep us alive
We're going down
I hope I survive
'Cause you want it all
Maybe you're holding on to

Wasted words
Stories are changing
All the jobs have faded away
Promises, a bigh hallucination
Enjoy the ride, 'cause you're
not here to stay

It's a no-win situation
Standing at the water's edge
You want it all, and you want
our love
but you're hanging on by a

Compositor: Joshua Perahia E M. O'mara

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