Steady Weapon

Joshua Perahia

Darkened clouds fill the sky
The sun no longer shines on the streets where they live
At those times when all is silent,
You can still hear the cries from long ago

Was a boy, tried to understand
Just what it takes to be a man in this world?
As a child, he took the pain, he realized it didn't have to be that way
Then it all changed

But I know sometimes at night,
The child inside still tries to cry for you
And I know he still wonders why nobody ever took the time to say:
In this world, nothing sacred still remains the same
Nobody cared

Now the helpless child is gone
And in his place a man walks tall who's not so afraid
All around him violence thrives
Cities bleed but his soul will survive

His weapon is a steady mind
Comes from deep inside
His strength and his will to survive

Now he knows all his life they've tried to break him down
And hide him from the truth
But he knows the voice inside his head, has always told him…

He knows in life he'll be the steady weapon
Steady weapon

Memories of the darkest nights, are still haunting him
As a boy grows up in time
The man is born and he learns
Nothing remains the same

The voice inside his mind tells him:
He holds a steady will to survive

Steady Weapon
I'm a steady weapon

Compositor: Joshua Perahia, J. Rochrich, E. Stoskopf E M. O'mara

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