Longway To Heaven

Joshua Perahia

Midnight in a sleepy town,
Desperadoes shot the sheriff down in a blaze of fire
Turned the ground a crimson red,
Put a bullet through his head
And left him for dead

Every time I wake up,
A gun stares me down
And it's the life I've chosen
Spilling blood on the ground

My day's never done
I've got the lawmen on my trail,
Down to the wire

It's a long, long way
A long way to heaven
Such a long, long way
To your paradise

Just a boy inside a man,
Got a loaded six-gun in his hand
He said fire when ready
Took his aim, missed his mark
Shot the bullet in the dark
And he took down a child

It's a long, long way
Heaven's calling me
Calling me, calling my name

Well it's a long way down this dusty road
The storm clouds they lead me on to nowhere
And it's such a long, long way
A long, long way

Well it's the life I've chosen
My time has come
'Cause every time I wake up,
A gun stares me down, stares me down

Compositor: Joshua Perahia, R. Basauri E B. Fleming

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