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Egyptian Princess

Joshua Panda

Music is the language of the soul
Brings us together
Helps us reach our every goal
In the battle it helps us perform
We can sing straight through the storm
And when the morning comes
We can sing in the Promised Land

Let faith be the fuel in your furnace
You’re a steam engine baby
And you’ll pick up speed
Keep a rollin’ down the track
Don’t look back
“Puddin’ dance”
Let your wisdom take the lead
If by chance you derail
Mind the pilot light
And you won’t fail
Cause the engineer’s inside you
And he’s cool to lend a hand


We can walk for miles in the pourin’ rain

We can bring a smile to the people again

And join all our hands together again

And live as one

Freedom is a word that we use to say grow
If we lead ‘em we’ll have a forest before you know
Let your heart be your guide
It’ll take you for a ride
It’ll strengthen you to play your part in the band

Everyone is different it’s the only way we’re similar
We make up one but individually
Love is love for man and woman
Man and man
Woman woman
Baby it’s all relativity
Matter is on the outside
It doesn’t matter brother swallow your pride
Sing a song with us and it’ll help you understand

Repeat Chorus

Anger is a synonym for being confused
We get so caught up in our daily lives
That the answer is so often refused
We get so selfish and so proud
We’re gonna suffocate in that cloud
We gotta humble ourselves and bury our heads in the sand

All these words they are not mine
I sing in time the message that the Lord has given me to present
Generations of religion
Such divisions poopin’ like pigeons
Oh revisions through the message has went

But when you break down all man’s views
Oh the message you just can’t lose
We’ve been singin’ the same damn song since the world began

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