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Shadows In The Moonlight

Josh Woodward

Take this pill, my dear
It will keep you sharp and clear
The side effects won't last too long

It's stranger than it seems
In your most peculiar dreams
But it's nothing that won't fade with time

Tuck the northern star in a candy jar
And save it for a rainy day

Shadows in the moonlight
Always coming, always going
While your cup is overflowing

Shadows in the moonlight
Just a matter of perspective
It's all relative, subjective,
It's alive

Stand up straight and tall
Keep your back against the wall
Remember what they said to you

A stranger in a crowd
A halo on a cloud
It's lost to you but it never really went away

The muffled speech is out of reach
But truth has got a way of breaking through


Take these words my dear,
And as they echo in your ears
It's closer than you think

[Chorus x 2]

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