Josh Woodward


Josh Woodward

I saw your face, painted on the wall
Shapeless in space, colorless and small
I remember you, faded and subdued

I spent the day, haunted by your sight
Hiding away, curse away the light
I remember you, fading out of view

You're a memory now
You're all faded and brown
You're just namelessly hung
On the tip of my tongue in a silent remark

You're a memory now
You're just dust on the ground
Just a whisper of steam on the crest of a dream
While I walk in the dark
You're a memory now

Sheltered and safe, hidden and concealed
Your timid face, never was revealed
Shaded from the light, tepid and so slight

Shake off the dust, wipe away the years
Scrape off the rust, nothing more appears
I've been through it all, still I can't recall


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