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Me And Billy Barnum

Josh Woodward

In 1912, I was only a boy
Hardly 10 years old
The summer was dry, the sun in the sky
Where secrets burn like matches

In my Sunday best, I went down for a walk
To Billy Barnum's house
He was alone, no one was home
So I had an idea

I said to Billy, "let's go walking down in the ravine
There's no one here for miles so we never will be seen
If your folks are in Peoria, they won't be back for hours
So let's go have some fun."

We walked down through the tangle of trees
I lost my bearing twice
But then we emerged, the top of the earth
And watched in silent wonder

We stood tall on the edge of the bridge
When a gust of wind blew through
I stumbled and weaved, and reached for his sleeve
To try and find my balance

But Billy lost his footing and he slipped off of the edge
He caught himself with one hand on an overhanging ledge
But his strength would only last him for a minute, maybe two
Then he crashed down in the river
He crashed down in the river

A shallow grave on the outskirts of town
Is where I laid him down
A secret it's stayed, what happened that day
With me and Billy Barnum
With me and Billy Barnum

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