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I Wanna Know

Josh Woodward

What's your favorite color?
Why does summer make you sad?
Do you crave the snow?
Where did you get your favorite pair of shoes?
Oh, I wanna know

All the things that make you sing
And tap your little toes
Oh, I wanna know

Did you cry when your father said goodbye?
Did he leave a note?
Do you scream when you wake up from a dream?
Oh, I wanna know

I want to hear between your ears
And swim inside your brain
Oh, I wanna know

I want to know the thin and thick
What makes you smile, what makes you tick
I want to know what gets you out of bed

Yeah, you're a mystery to me
And I'm not asking for the key
But I hope that you will let me in the door

Would you run if I told you you're the one?
Would you stay or go?
Could it be you've been waiting here for me?
Oh, I wanna know

Don't make me wait, just tell me straight
Before I have to go
Oh, I wanna know
Oh, I wanna know

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