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Punching Bag

Josh Turner

Punching Bag

I feel it in the mornin' when I fall outta bed
I never get a break and I can't get ahead
I'm up against the ropes
Shakin' in my shoes
I take it on the chin 'till I'm black and blue

I'm a punching bag
I'm a punching bag
I've head enough of gettin' beat up
I'm a punching bag

I'm backed into a corner with a foreman in my face
I can't fight my way outta this place
But I learned to be tough right out of the box
I've graduated from the school o' hard knocks


I'm a punching bag
Hit me all you want to
I've got a pretty thick skin
Don't count me out
I just might surprise you
When I swing back again

She broke a promise
And now she's gonna leave
When she floated like a butterfly
It stung me like a bee
She took of the gloves
And took a cheap shot
She left me hangin'in a pretty tough spot


I wanna see set record straight
Every day life is a heavy weight
You can tear me up
There ain't no doubt
But you ain't ever gonna knock me out


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