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Lovin' You On My Mind

Josh Turner


Baby if I seem a little bit distracted
Like I'm in another place and another time, well, well
I apologize for the way I'm actin'
I just gotta lot of lovin' you on my mind
Baby since this mornin', I've been wonderin'
How you do that thing you did last night, well, well
Let me tell you girl that was really somethin'
That's why I gotta lot of lovin' you on my mind

I walk around and dream about you
Every single minute of every day
It's all I can do to make it through
Until the night I can hardly wait, oh, I can hard wait

Girl, the kind of lovin' you put on me
Ain't no way there's a better kind
So baby, just tell me when you want me
I always gotta lot of lovin' you on my mind
On my mind

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