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Hometown Girl

Josh Turner

Deep South

She grew up around here on that southwest side
Where the corn grows up to the road side
Went to high school here, got that panther pride
She'll be cheering them on every friday night

She couldn't hide her beauty with a baseball cap
Couldn't help but shine with a heart like that
New York called when she turned 21
But she never forgot where she came from

I need a pretty little homegrown hometown girl
With a ribbon tying back those waterfall curls
I've been looking all over, all over the world
For a pretty little homegrown hometown girl

Her mamma's mamma was born right here
And her roots run deeper than that old town square
She's a good girl but she's not uptight
She can rise and shine and she can hang all night

She's got an old soul, she's the salt of the earth
When she gives her love she knows what it's worth
There's a lot of pretty girls out there to me
But there's nothing like
The one right across the street

I need a pretty little homegrown hometown girl

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