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Sunday-go-to-meeting Clothes

Joni Harms

My momma worked from sun to sun but loved us in between
And out there on the farm we all wore flannel shirts and jeans
We learned to value simple things and did our daily chores
But every sunday morning we'd get dressed up for the lord

In our sunday-go-to-meetin' clothes we tried to look our best
In that little country church in a valley way out west
Us kids were always scrubbed and clean and checked from head to toe
In our sunday-go-to-meetin' clothes

We learned that all the good things come from up above
And that there's not a one of us that jesus doesn't love
He promised to forgive us no matter what we've done
And if rags are all we have he'll gladly take us if we come

In our sunday-go-to-meetin' clothes...

Now every sunday morning you'll find us in the pew
Sometimes the kids get restless just like we used to do
So many things are different but some will never change
And i'm thankful that we could put two more links upon god's chain

In our sunday-go-to-meetin' clothes...
We wear our sunday-go-to-meetin' clothes

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