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Cowboy Coffee

Joni Harms

The first thing that one does when you wake before the sun does
Get the fire going
Won't be long till you feel the heat find a spot and take a seat
Till the coals start glowing
Then pull out the granite pot poor old thing's been used a lot
Don't look like much but just you wait and see
Pour some grounds from a leather poke add a little taste of old wood smoke
Man that's cowboy coffee

Every day we all get up find our favorite old tin cup
Pour a taste of heaven
Plenty grub for all the crew throw'er down with a cup or two
Saddle up by seven
Head on out there's work to do ropin' ridin' brandin' too
Every day's as tough as it can be
Chasin' strays and hangin' wire work all day and you still ain't tired
Man that's cowboy coffee

Don't ask those boys bout latte
Cowboy coffee comes just one way
Strong enough to make you stand up straight
And talk about flavor now just you wait

After suppertime is done still got time for a little fun
Take it slow and easy
Sittin' around the fireside singin' songs and tellin' lies
One more pot of coffee
Then some young buck starts to nag Joe go on to your saddle bag
Pull out that bottle everybody's seen
Pour in some of that ninety-proof warm us up down to our boots
Man that's cowboy coffee man that's cowboy coffee

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