Yours Truly

Jon Frederik Band

Yours Truly
Am I not gonna make you happy anymore.
Facedown a waste passed out on the floor.
Am I a song thats old news and overplayed.
One where the hook is predictable in everyway.

Am I not gonna make you smile when I sing?
Cause all my burdens are slowly dragging you down with me.
Is there a way to make me a simple man, just tell me where to sign.

It's the way I am and I'm sorry.
That I'm so consumed in my story.

Yours Truly. Loves you so deeply.
But I'm all caught up in myself.
When the world slows down will you be around.

Or will my chances all be spent.
It's not hard to understand that you need more.

You know that you are a perfect fit.
In a world thats filled with the opposite.
I just wanna make you smile though I know it's not enough.
I know how I come accross sometimes.
It makes you feel like your standing at the back of the line.
Even still your always here. Your always by my side.

Stand by me and hold on tight.

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