When I'm 83

Jon Frederik Band

When I'm 83
Ill be the same old guy that you knew back in the day,
Yea the same old kat just with a diaper and kane.
But hunny that wont mean that Ive lost my play,
Ill get my bingo fix with the chicks each day.

Ill say Let me loose sexy on the lottery, and
I be playing that Keno like all damn day.
And my teeth hey baby they used to be real,
but Ill be chillin like a villan with the dencher feel.

Ill still have my mojo, Ill still have all my hair,
and thanks to that viagra babe I still will take you there. Ya know.

Life will be good for me,
When Im 83.
I wont be spending any time at the old folks home,
Said Ill be living just like Hugh,
With all the money and the Hos, ya know that,
Life will be good for me. Yea Yea Yea

Ill have a nice big hat that says Grandpa on the front,
I said Ill roll on dubs while I smoke my philly blunt,
Sippin crissy bub as I be hoppin in the club,
Throw your hands up in the air if your feelin the love.
Ill be chillin out in Cali where Ill catch the rays,
And Ill be hitting up the strip with my pension pay,
No Ill never spend a minute tryin to count my days, I wont be sportin any mothball body spray. ll still have style, Ill have a nice ride,
Ill be hard at work up your skirt even when I retire.

Compositor: Jon Frederik

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