Jon Batiste


Jon Batiste

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A butterfly all alone
But can you fly on your own?
Take your place in the world today
A butterfly flying home

A cherry plum and chewing gum
Miniskirts and cause that hum
I see you're driving 'round with your head held high
A butterfly flying home

Stay a while here with me
Up underneath the stars
When you go, you'll be free
'Cause you know who you are
You're butterfly

A color scheme from a dream, hm
A tapestry to soul supreme
I mean, I've never seen
Something so damn beautiful, child
It's a butterfly flying home
Flying homе

You see, I'm howling at the moon
Day and night, ah-woo-hoo
They say I'm as crazy as a loon
But I'm alright all dressеd in white

A butterfly in the air
Where you can fly anywhere
A sight beyond compare
A sacred song and a sacred tongue, hm
It's a butterfly flying home

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