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Thinking Out Loud



We had a meeting at the farmer's market
and talked over a bottle of wine
A parliament; my cigarette, he sparked it
And I knew I was playing with fire

Man, I shouldn't have come here alone
I've been looking for love in all the wrong places
Been telling myself I'm grown
But when I look in his eyes I'm his girl and he knows it

You kiss like you love me now
You know I can't tune that out
Your frequency hits me less fre-quen-tly
I have to haunt your dreams
You can't stay mad at me
Just cuz we're ?supposed to be? don't mean we're gonna be

You can still break my heart even if we're only messing around
Something's different now
I'm just thinking out loud
And I try to be cool but my feelings keep pulling me down
I'm different now
I'm just thinking out loud

Composição: Jojo, Austin Brown and Scott Bruzenak

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