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Where am I need to get out
Who am I figure it out
Trapped inside of my own shell,
My mind holding me down,
Question what's this about,
Not feeling like myself
Not feeling like myself

Whats real keep shifting,
Can’t feel the ground beneath me
I’m hanging on the edge
And I’m afraid to hold on, afraid to let go
Too scared to venture into the unknown
My heart says “move on”, now I’m ready to run
Waiting for courage
Cuz im stuck in limbo, limbo, limbo, limbo!
I'm stuck in limbo, limbo
And I ain't trying to be stopped no more!

It's time to take a chance,
Right now, no turning back
Forget my fear of failing
What’s worth risking my life,
It’s my choice to try to fly
And I choose to break free
And I choose to break free


No more!
I wanna run, run, run
Wanna run to freedom!
Trying find the strength within me, me


Por: Guilherme Lages

Letra enviada por Guilherme Lages Barbosa

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